Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Stitch in Time....

Last Friday my daughter took her driving test (she passed - watch out), and as I waited for her I sat and knitted.  This is what is currently at the top of my priority list, and it is perhaps the most mobile project ever:

It's Retro by Norah Gaughan, a blanket worked in five panels with a design so easy to memorize I don't even need to carry around the pattern.  Fits perfectly into my purse or beach bag, and because you only work one strip at a time, it's not too hot for summer knitting.  By mid-September or sooner, this will become my son's college afghan.  Yes, it's washable.

While I worked and waited to see how many cones my daughter knocked over, I realized that two years ago I sat in the same office and knitted while I waited for my son to take his driver's test.  Immediately I was able to bring to mind the project I was working on then - my first pair of socks:

Can't remember what I had for dinner the other night, but I can remember what I was knitting two years ago.  Wonder what project I'll have with me three years from now when my youngest will be ready for his test?