Monday, March 26, 2012

Picked this up at Publix the other day

Newest issue of Knit 'n Style -

Couple things in here caught my eye.  Jack Lewis' column, "A Knitting Tribe" compared the knitting community to surfers, and as a member of both I could relate to his observations.

This month's "pattern I'm most likely to make" is the Cuff to Cuff Jacket by Julie Farmer.  I think the subtle vertical striping and drop sleeves would make this a good option for my petite/size 12 (I'm a living oxymoron) frame.  I'd substitute yarn to suit my year-round summer climate, and I predict it could be a very wearable addition to my wardrobe.

Other items of interest to me include the Oak Leaves Shawl by Vero Sanon,

the English Garden Wrap by Patti Subik,

and the Lace Panel Tank by Sandi Prosser.

Guess it's no secret now that I'm drawn to purples.

Lorna Miser's how-to article on mosaic knitting makes me want to cast on right away, and she provides a sample pattern to do just that.

The Day-To-Date-Time Shawl also caught my eye.

Finally, winning the "wow-this-is-gorgeous-perhaps-in-another-lifetime" award (see reference to body dimensions above) is the cover pattern, Cables & Lace Duo.  Yowza!

Time to put down the magazine and pick up the needles.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I almost didn't go....

...for my walk.  I was tired.  If I skip just once it won't matter.  It's not really doing any good anyway.  I've worked all day, I deserve to just flop on the couch.  I'm getting bored with the same thing every day.

My reward was hands and pockets overflowing with treasure.

Mission accomplished.  Spirit renewed.