Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Like a freight train....

Here comes March.  How did that happen?  I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, a problem I realize will not be solved by sitting here blogging instead of working and lesson planning, but here I sit anyway.  Though my March calendar is probably no more bulging than usual at this time of year, it does herald some new, fun, stressful-in-a-good-way events, while feeding my top three addictions.

First off, I'll be starting to work at my LYS, The Knitty Gritty.  Can't tell you how excited I am about this - it's a dream come true (not the big Broadway/sports arena one, but a dream nonetheless), and I'm elated that Anna invited me to join the staff.  And what a time to start, with the Orange Blossom Yarn Crawl going on from March 1 to 10.  Grab your passport and come on out!

Not only will I be helping out in the shop here and there, but I'm also slated to teach two classes.  The first, next Wednesday, March 6, is a two-hour session teaching ipad users how to take advantage of KnitCompanion, the most ingenious app in the world IMHO.  A single class will really only scratch the surface of KC's seemingly infinite capabilities, but will enable the students to download, set up and follow patterns using this revolutionary technology.
The following Monday, March 11, we'll begin a  four-week adventure learning how to knit socks, toe up, on two circular needles (one-at-a-time - let's not get ahead of ourselves!). Beginners can work in worsted weight to learn the basics on larger needles; more experienced knitters can use fingering weight....and reading glasses!
As if that weren't enough for me to prepare for, Theatre-Go-Round is opening our newest show on Sunday, March 24, which means rehearsing with increased frequency and urgency.  "New York, New York" continues for the next two weekends (with only a couple seats available, if that), then we'll begin a 10 week-run of "Those Fabulous 50's".  We continue to enjoy performing at 14th Avenue Steakhouse and working with the fine folks there.
Publicity shot for Fab 50's
Yarn? Check.  Performing? Check.  Thankfully there will still be time to indulge my beach obsession as well. My bff Big Genny will make her annual pilgrimage to Vero (along with her two girls to keep Little Genny happy), and this is one of those rare years where our respective spring breaks coincide. Our week of R&R (romp and relaxation) will culminate at the Caribe Royale in Orlando (hospitality industry connections are veeeerrrry nice!).
Couple years ago at the Caribe...before Vinny chewed up this suit.
Then, once I put our guests on a plane back to Philly, we'll head to the annual Easter Bunny Bash in Cocoa and watch Eddie kick some skimboarding butt.
LBI Summer 2012
Beach? Check.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happiness is...

...finding over $125 worth of swag in your mailbox!

The other day I was checking in with a few of my favorite blogs, and on a recent post over at YarnontheHouse I noticed my name and "Congratulations!" on the same line.  Sent Veronika my mailing address and a speedy two days later I'm playing with this:

and this:
with which I might make this:
Honeycomb Kerchief - Bijou Basin Ranch
but it's hard to decide because I also got a couple patterns from Alana Dakos, like Cosette:
Cosette Wrap - Never Not Knitting
which I'm partial to because I'm a Les Mis freak, but there's also this:
Wee Wildflower - Coastal Kids
which is adorable, but oh, then there are the patterns from Kate Oates of When I Grow Up:
Lilly Tunic
but, yikes, I think I grew up a little too much for that one, so maybe this one would be better:
Johanna Jacket
or maybe just a hat:
Dindy Beret
but then again there are some babies on the way who might need something from this:

For now I guess I better get back to working on my test knitting assignment, which is just the perfect size for my wonderful new project bag from Little Lippy Ewe:

Thank you to all these wonderful vendors, and especially Ve at YOTH for sharing the love!