Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shifting Gears

It's May, and every mom I know in Florida, where we're down to the final three weeks of school, is bracing herself and just hanging on for dear life while the roller coaster of year-end activities careens downhill at top speed toward its eagerly anticipated screeching halt, the last day of school.  This year I have double the anticipation because my last day of work is fast approaching as well.  (I've never had a last day of work since I had children, because I never had a regular-outside-the-home-job until this year.)  So to add to the whirlwind of parties, proms, AP exams, finals, and concerts, all amid making plans and reservations for summer vacation, I'm also tying up loose ends at work (translation: typing up detailed instructions for my successor specifying exactly how to do my if it wasn't getting done long before I got there...and won't get done without me.....)

Anyway, this afternoon the school nurse called with wonderful news.  Eddie, who went off to school this morning coughing and cringing but armed with Alka Seltzer Plus Daytime and a pocketful of cough drops, was in her office with a fever just over the 100 degree mark.  Off I went to collect the poor kid, and we were home by 2:30.  Now, I recognize a gift when I see one - this was two full hours that I had assumed I'd be at work.  I'm not going to waste it on "shoulds" (I should switch around the laundry, I should do the floors because company's coming tomorrow, etc.) Eddie flopped on the couch, and I plopped in the chair and I cranked out a few rows of my Blue Hen Blankie:

I'm down to less than a month left to complete this for my friend's daughter who is graduating from high school (gulp, four weeks from tomorrow) and headed off to the University of Delaware in the fall.  I just have a handful of pattern repeats to go on the center panel, then I'll start adding in the yellow on the border.

I also got the wild hare to finally finish my languishing Sweet Patootie Poncho.  It's been occupying my favorite knitting tote for no good reason for weeks and weeks now, needing only, as it turns out, a mere 30 minutes to seam it up, edge the neck, and weave in the ends.  A few more minutes, and I had Babs modeling it for the camera, and before I knew it my ravelry page was updated and BAM! another finished project.  I love another finished project.
Alas, my found time has dried up and disappeared, but not without something to show for it.  Off I go to switch around that laundry and do the floors for company tomorrow and drive the girls to tumbling class... Somehow I don't so much dread it now that I've enjoyed an unexpected fix in the middle of this crazy ride.