Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happiness is...

...finding over $125 worth of swag in your mailbox!

The other day I was checking in with a few of my favorite blogs, and on a recent post over at YarnontheHouse I noticed my name and "Congratulations!" on the same line.  Sent Veronika my mailing address and a speedy two days later I'm playing with this:

and this:
with which I might make this:
Honeycomb Kerchief - Bijou Basin Ranch
but it's hard to decide because I also got a couple patterns from Alana Dakos, like Cosette:
Cosette Wrap - Never Not Knitting
which I'm partial to because I'm a Les Mis freak, but there's also this:
Wee Wildflower - Coastal Kids
which is adorable, but oh, then there are the patterns from Kate Oates of When I Grow Up:
Lilly Tunic
but, yikes, I think I grew up a little too much for that one, so maybe this one would be better:
Johanna Jacket
or maybe just a hat:
Dindy Beret
but then again there are some babies on the way who might need something from this:

For now I guess I better get back to working on my test knitting assignment, which is just the perfect size for my wonderful new project bag from Little Lippy Ewe:

Thank you to all these wonderful vendors, and especially Ve at YOTH for sharing the love!

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