Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bank of Royal Copenhagen

Yesterday I went hog wild and spent $22 on myself. While grocery shopping at Publix, the Winter 2012 issue of Interweave Knits jumped into my cart.

and while DD was spending some quality time in Plato's Closet, I enjoyed a manicure next door.

These are the kinds of treats, no matter how seemingly small, that I sometimes agonize over, but no more. Last year I began paying myself for completing certain tasks that I could and would easily avoid. Things like flossing, exercising in any intensity (including little or practically none) for 15 minutes, and going to bed without leaving any clothes on the floor. There are a few others which I am loath to disclose, but in any event I'm now motivated to do these things, if not by their intrinsic necessity or benefit, then by the fact that for each one checked off I put $1 in my favorite vase.

Win/win: things that need doing get done, and I have a modest fund of fun money to spend on little extras that make me smile. And I still have $19 left. Mad Tosh?



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