Monday, August 30, 2010

I know there's no such thing as a coincidence...

Thanks to Facebook I think I've already had more people read this blog than I did in two years of GottaWearShades posting! Now would someone please click on "Follow" so I don't look so lame? lol Anyway, one of those readers, my Sunday School sidekick literally from birth to high school graduation, asked, "Do you have a nice pattern for a knitted ripple blankie?". Well as a matter of fact I do! It just so happens that just a few months ago I made a "knitted ripple blankie" for a Vero HS graduating senior, who has since begun his freshman adventure at University of South Florida. I found this on (free registration required for access) and could easily picture it in three colors (much as I love the multi stripes!). It claimed, "Skill Level: Easy", so I said, "What the heck? Let's try it." Once again, I was glad I checked the official school colors before I went crazy at the yarn store. I always thought USF was green and black - turns out they're green and gold. But I knew Alex likes black, so I used that as the background color (3 strands of Bernat Satin Sport) and created a pattern of green and gold stripes (2 strands of Caron One Pound in Forest Green and Sunflower). All of these yarns can be machine washed and dried, so the smell of old beer can be removed as desired. Here's how mine turned out:


  1. THanks for the ripple pattern El, and I'm loving your blog!!! I also have issues with starting too many projects at one time, perhaps a little bit of ADHD??? I have never made a "blankie" for myself, and think that this winter might be the time. In addition to wanting to either knit or crochet a blankie, I also have a box of sweater parts that my Nana had started but never finished. As I don't have the patterns or the yarn with which to finish them, I'm planning to "undo" the pieces to manageable shapes, and then sew them all together into a "Nana Sweater Afghan"!!!

  2. That's a great idea, Lynnanne! What a treasure that will be. A few years ago my Aunt Ginia sent me the snake that my mom had made for my cousin when she was little, and then last year she sent me a poncho that she thought I should have. One time when Dadddy and Dorothy came to visit in FL they brought at least one huge tupperware tub of Mother's yarn and unfinished projects, of which there were many. I ended up pitching just about everything and giving the yarn to thrift shops. Now I'm starting over with my own stash! Boy I wish I'd saved all those needles!

  3. fortunately, somewhere in a storage tub, I have almost an entire set of knitting needles (all sizes). I usually prefer crocheting, but can knit - knitted a couple of sweaters for myself, when Nana was still living, and could put them together for me (I think I was in college or nursing school at the time)