Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Will work for yarn

A typical day of finding this in my mailbox:

is made infinitely better when this is shoved in there with it:

The knot of colorful loveliness on the right will be transformed into Skew for a fellow Raveler. It's Steam Valley Fiber's Hand Dyed Fingering Sock Yarn in Rainbow, and it's scrumptious, and I'm already contemplating absconding with the socks upon completion. On the left is Luster Sox from Dye Dreams in Shades of Ireland. Every photo I've seen makes it look gray, but it's actually a luscious charcoaly green tonal, as its name suggests. This is my compensation in advance (mistake? See above) for knitting the socks, so it's mine, all mine to have my way with. I swear I won't use it till I've completed my assignment...probably.....well, I'll try. I think I'll stash it under my pillow for safekeeping and sweet dreaming.


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